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Voice over IP

Voice over IP (short: VoIP) is the new, low-cost way of making phone calls over the Internet.
Phone calls that come in at your office can simply be transferred to a home worker of another office at a (foreign) location without any extra telephone costs. Because transfering and the configuration of the PBX (private branch exchange) occurs completely in software, the possilibities are endless. Each person at the office has their own voicemail box and can indicate wether his/her phone calls should be forwarded automatically to a cellphone or other location at will.
Also Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are relatively easy to set up. This is an ideal solution for e.g. a support desk of call center. Because of the low price, the kind of professional systems that were previously only affordable for big companies are now also available for smaller offices.

Computer Aided Teaching / E-Learning

Computer Aided Teaching (CAT) is a new way to educate your employees or customers. Combined with the multimedia capabilities of the computer, students can literally see how your business process works.
At ChimIT, we like to integrate CAT with a student database that keeps track of a student’s progress.
This way, the computer can personalize the order and frequency of lessons that the student gets. At the same time, the teacher/instructor can have an instant overview of his/her students’ progress.

Advantages of CAT over the classical way of teaching are:

  • One teacher can handle more students at the same time.
  • Students get a more personalized program of their lessons.
  • Students get more individual attention.
  • Students and Teachers can be separated geographically and even in be in a different time zone, while keeping a significant amount of interaction.

Unified messaging

Unified Messaging is an abstraction of information and the way that information reaches the intended audience. For example, you have a newsletter that is sent out to your customers periodically. Customers can indicate whether they want to receive your newsletter by E-Mail, by fax or by postal mail.
With Unified messaging, you can write your newsletter once. And automatically, the newsletter ends up at the customers, using it’s preferred messaging platform.
Especially nowadays, this becomes more important with upcoming new messaging platforms such as MMS, I-Mode, SMS, WAP, Computer Instant Messaging, etcetera.

Virtual Private Networks

If one or more of the following points apply to you, Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) can benefit you:

  • You want an inexpensive way to connect different geographically separated offices into a global Wide Area Network (WAN).
  • You are worried about the security of applications that are remotely accessible.
  • There is data on your company LAN that you want to access remotely but securely.
  • You are bound to insecure protocols like POP to retrieve your email, but you want more protection for your data and login credentials.

A VPN is often referred to as a “tunnel”. This tunnel is built over another network, that could be the Internet. Data, travelling within this tunnel (the traffic) is encrypted and can only be sent or read from either end of the tunnel. The tunnel starts and ends at your office and either another office or a remote employee workspace.


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